a zine—another frickin’ zine!

Yes, because blogging doesn't always get it for me, I decided to create another zine.

Silly, I know.

What it's about

Whatever comes to my mind while I'm writing, which can be anything. Issue #1 has stories about the internet, Legos, growing up as an actual mall rat, hot pretzels, and more.

Who I am

My name is Kenneth John Odle. I'm a former teacher, former web designer, current JoAT, and a writer. I have numerous blogs, such as my personal blog, a blog where I talk about books and writing, plus a couple of others. My main website is here. I also do the occasional podcast.


Issue #1, with a table of contents, sample, and link to order, is here.

Issue #2 is here.

Issue #3, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, is here.

Cool video about one of my favorite movies from childhood: