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Austin Kleon recommends mailing lists. I agree.

I know you have an email address. In fact, you probably have more than one. As Austin pointed out,* email is far from dead. It's not going anywhere. It's a good way to stay in touch.

I know, I know—social media this and social media that. But the truth is, social media companies come and go. (Remember Friendster?) And sometimes they stick around, but get eaten up and lose their appeal, or become just one more way for peole to be not nice to each other. (Remember Twitter?)

Also, it's really easy to lose control of things on social media. (See the last paragraph.)

Also, I may find a better place to distribute my zines than what I'm currently using. (See the FAQ for more information.) Sure, you can favorite my shop on Etsy, but what happens if I decide I don't like Etsy? (Oh wait, that's already happened. Again, see the FAQ.) Or worse, what happens if when Etsy decides it doesn't like me?

For all of these reasons, I now have a mailing list. You can sign up right now:

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To be honest, you're not going to get a lot of email from me. I'm only going to send out an email when I release a new zine,** which isn't often. I promise never to spam you. Why would I do that? I hate getting spam myself.

By the way, you can also view the email archive.

So go ahead and sign up for my mailing list. Do it now!

* You did read that link, right?

** Keep in mind, this will be any of the zines I make, including ones that I have not yet created. See my Etsy and Gumroad pages to see the full range of my zines.